MECHANICAL WORKING   Machining to drawing of mechanical components


Thread planning and consulting
Legal advice on threads

Our extensive experience in the field of threads allows us to be of considerable help and provide technical and design advice on threads.


Thread repair

All the solutions deployed to solve the difficulties encountered during decades of work allowed EMAP MECCANICA to provide service or advice for the repair of defective or damaged threads, with different techniques of thread restoration depending on the damage and piece recoverability


Thread table

Check our thread table



Upholding the Magnani’s family tradition since 1984, EMAP MECCANICA is a renowned manufacturing company backed by strong expertise.
Tool manufacturing is our main activity: threading, drilling, countersinking, milling, CNC machining for a wide range of products made of

  • 1. light alloys (aluminum, zamak, brass, copper, bronze)

  • 2. plastics

  • 3. heavy alloys (sheet, iron, steel, stainless, AISI, cast iron)

We operate in the fields of small metal parts, automotive, pneumatics, electrical engineering, lighting technology, furniture accessories and others.
We can offer a small-, medium- and large-scale production capacity with sampling and repair service of non-conforming material; we process about 15 million pieces per year in compliance with quality standards and on-time delivery.
Our company relies on a qualified staff operating in a well-organized and quality-oriented structure. We are currently undergoing ISO 9001 certification and we are subject to strict tolerance and error margins; we perform checks with precision tools (Go/No-Go plug gauges) and we have a waste ration equal to 0.05% or lower.
As for manufacturing, we have turntable, automatic, semi-automatic, manual and multiple spindle-headed machines.
We have our own vehicle fleet for the transportation of goods and we can fulfill on-demand orders in 24/36 hours. In case of urgency, we can meet customer’s needs even in a few hours.